Just Me And My BJD'S

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The sky was orange. Had to snap a photo.
Hello! Quick message!

I just wanted to apologize to all my BJD followers for all the Naruto re-blogging! I have decided from now on I will not reblog anything non-BJD related on this account! I will just create a separate blog for my Naruto/anime obsession! <3

Charina is a tan minifee Chloe and she belongs to me!:



AWWWW. Thanks everyone for the warm, birthday wishes. I’m so happy.

Happy birthday!! Sorry I&#8217;m late!


Bril33’s tan minifee Chloe is my favorite Chloe. I wish we saw more Trekkies in the hobby!


<3 Awww!! Thank you SO much! So sweet!

sugarcoatedstars: When you find this in your ask share five facts about yourself and then pass it on to your ten favorite followers. ♥ 

*cries* I-I am one of your favorites!?! 

ヽ(*´Д`*)ノ I am so happy. I will try my best to make this interesting.

1.Ever since I was little I have had a crazy obsession with anime and Japan, like many people it seems. I was lucky enough to have my dream come true and visited Japan in 2012!

2. I have many hobbies, I collect manga, anime dvd’s, k-pop, and of course BJD’S. My favorite of these is BJD’s I think. ahuhuhuhu.

3. I am 5’0” and will not grow anymore *cries* I have always been petite height wise but not weight wise. ONE DAY I will transform from a potato too a french fry(is that any better)! OH! I also wear glasses.

4. I love stuffed animals/plushies. I have about 50 in my bedroom right now, in various sizes. Get me a plushie, I will love you forever. Like, if I am walking in a store and see a stuffed animal laying on the ground I HAVE to pick it up. It has feelings, I just know it does. Haha!

5. When I feel sad and just need to get the tears out I will watch clannad, or clannad after story. For those who have watched either one of those, you know what I am talking about. It made me not want to live for about 2 days. 

Sorry if these are boring facts, I have never really been able to explain myself too well. FORGIVE ME. <3

Meet Aeris- WIP on Flickr.Via Flickr:
This is aeris my minifee juri 2010! ^^ She has nothing of her own yet, so she is wearing all of charina&#8217;s stuff which I took off of her right after this picture because she looked too much like charina xD which bothered me. So she is a HUGE WIP.

I live like RIGHT NEXT to a 250+ foot waterfall (Snoqualmie Falls) and never really thought of bringing my dollies there!
It’s flooding season so it’s very misty and both Pichi (Minifee Luka) and I got soaked from standing near it! I’ll take better photos in the summer, but I really liked this one!
It made me so nervous leaving her on the edge like that, one gust of wind and she would have been gone forever! (๑•́ ω •̀๑)

I am now on instagram if anyone is interested! <3 My username is bril33!

DDH-06 faceup

&lt;3 My beautiful girl!


people who laugh so hard at their own jokes that they can’t even finish the joke because they’re laughing so hard are my favorite kind of people

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